My Method Of Learning Languages

This is a method I use. I feel like this is the best way that works perfectly for me. You can probably accelerate it and learn a language in one month, as I mostly based it on a Russian guy's video in which he describes how to learn Finnish in a month. I'm going to update this page as I learn more.

The method consists of different stages that you should perform consequently. Time spent on each stage depends on your individual speed (should be less than 2 months, however).

  1. Learn how to read. How do people pronounce letters and various combinations of letters? Pick a random word from a dictionary, try to read it out loud. Then check yourself using some sort of text-to-speech program. Repeat that until you can pronounce about 80% of words correctly
  2. Learn basic topics vocabulary + general link words&frequent phrases that you use in your native language. This allows you to construct sentences faster. Also learn basic sentence patterns ("I do this", "He does that", "She does this too")
  3. Simple reading with dictionary (translate each word). Listening preferably to natively spoken language recorded with video and subtitles, translate everything you can. Grammar ignored (or assumed)
  4. Read what is actually interesting. Continue to listen. Look up unknown grammatical features that occur and try to recreate sentences with them. Skip a grammar rule if too hard, but just be aware of it.
  5. Minimize looking words up during content consumption, just guess words, look up later. Start asking yourself some questions and provide answers off top of your head in a limited amount of time (can be written or spoken) to develop speaking skills. If you wanted to say something but couldn't, say it in another language and memorize the translation.

The basic idea is that you use the language and learn it at the same time. You're not "protected" from any tough grammar feature or word collocations. The problem with most language-learning techniques is that they try to separate you from actual language in order to make it simple. You should not be scared, however, to just start reading a text written for native speakers or speak to yourself in the language. You should face the unknown and be extremely excited about it. Don't tell yourself "I don't know that yet", the whole point is to learn!