About Me

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  • AI for Mathematics
  • Machine Learning
  • Computational Mathematics
  • Scientific Computing
  • Formal & Natural Language Processing
  • Linguistics
And everything in between!

Hello! I go by Atell and I'm an applied mathematics student. My main goal is to contribute to the world's scientific progress by developing and advancing computational and mathematical tools that can be used in these fields and beyond, helping others with my knowledge, and encouraging more people to learn more.

It all kicked off with me learning programming at the age of 13, I guess. My "native" programming languages are C/C++ and Python. Coding became too easy and boring pretty soon, so I even started teaching it to freshman undergraduates and high school students. I discovered that maths is actually beautiful, especially when linked to computer science, and decided to dive deeper. As of now, I primarily code in C++ or Julia.

Besides that, I have a huge passion for linguistics (both practical language learning and theoretical/historical materials). I speak Ukrainian (Native), English (C1-C2), German (B2-ะก1) and basic Polish (but I do have basic reading/understanding skills in a couple of more languages accidentally). I plan to learn at least one more and become more fluent in those I've mentioned.