My name is Atell Krasnopolski. This website is planned to be an aggregator for my projects and essentially a flex-page without javascript or other useless bloat.


[August 2021] Solving 1-dimensional Variational Calculus Problems Numerically with Gradient Descent [text/repo]

An error function based on
the Euler-Lagrange equation

I had two weeks left before my freshman year at the university so I decided to spend them working on something relatively small. At that time I found out about the Variational Calculus and had an idea for a method for solving 1d tasks numerically using simple techniques that I have intuition for (such as gradient descent, polynomial function approximation, etc.). Not the best method one could use, but I am sort of proud of it, as it sums up many things from my pre-undergraduate self-study.

[June 2021] The Aetherlang Programming Language and Ether-Dimensional Programming Paradigm [website+docs/repo]

illustration of how namespaces
in dimensions work

I designed a programming paradigm with very unique terminology and implemented an entire programming language named Aetherlang to demonstrate it. The paradigm provides such concept as "dimensions" for easy parallelism and nested routines. There are also no variables and more flow-control features because of the safe "GOTO" statement. The Aetherlang Language has been implemented in the Julia Programming Language but can be more independent from it.

[March+July 2021] Second-Order Rules On Elementary Cellular Automata [paper/repo]

rule 110-|+!

Here, I invented a new type of cellular automata for a talk on Complexity Theory Chat in March 2021. In July I returned to it and wrote a paper with some analysis and further propositions. This website's background has been generated by such automaton (rule 105>>+), by the way. The idea is simple: you make automatons more dynamic by introducing second-order rules. This framework, however, turned out to produce very interesting behaviour. You can, for instance, combine two different ECA rules, make, of course, some Turing-compatible automata, etc. Again, more about it in my paper.

[July 2020] Lamarckian Evolution Simulation on Intelligent Species [paper/repo]

A Lamarckian evolution model simulation with intelligent species that have primitive neural networks as their brains. We (that is my friend who is a biology student and I) have tried to simulate the process of lamarckian evolution, while making the species complex and "intelligent" by giving them a primitive NN with which they decide where to move based on what they see. More on this can be found in the corresponding paper

About Me

I am a math student with some knowledge in computer science. I kicked off by learning programming at the age of 13, I guess. My "native" programming languages are Python and C, then it became too boring, so I started teaching the basics of coding to freshmen undergrads for profit, taught myself some "advanced" math and decided to go more into that area, that is, DS and ML. I hope I will participate/make more related projects soon. As of now, I primarily code in Julia.

I also have a huge passion for linguistics (both practical language learning and theoretical/historical materials). I'm now learning Hebrew, and I speak Russian, Ukrainian, English, and Polish (but I do have basic reading skills in a couple of more languages accidentally). I plan to learn more, specifically a one more Indo-European language and an Asian one (at minimum).


Here are links to other pages of this website with [tags]. Most of these are my writings that I don't consider to be projects. Not all of them are available now.

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